mig with straight argon?

I wondered what straight argon is like in a mig on steel?
I have just run out of argon and will save >£50 a year[i hope] if I
just get
a cylinder of argon and take my argoshield cyl' back..
I changed to small cylinders a few years ago they didn't save me
anything as the filling costs negate any savings, but if i was to use
argon in both mig and tig I might save..
I seem to recall using argon in the mig a long time ago, and also seem
to recall
better penetration with argoshield?
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Why not get a CO2 tank to go with your ar tank and make a mixer, use mixed (by you, on the fly) ar/co2 for the mig and ar for the tig. If you want straight co2 for the mig you've got that too, from 2 tanks.
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Pure Argon gives very poor penetration on MIG steel welds. It is used for MIG aluminum and Copper.
Pure CO2 is the cheapest solution, but you will get a lot more spatter, along with very high penetration. CO2/Argon mixes are the best MIG solution for steel. C25 is the most common MIG gas for steel in the US. 75% Argon, 25% CO2.
Even hotter mixes are Argon / Oxygen, but the oxygen is never above 4%.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Try getting a CO2 tank from a Pepsi or Coke distributor. I pay 20 bucks for the 20 lb tank and there is no lease, you just exchange forever. Some places may charge a deposit which is refundable after you return the tank. Tell them it is for a soft drink or beer keg dispenser. ( They may not want to let you take it for welding although in reality it will not harm the tank at all) I use this for steel and lease a helium argon mix for aluminum.
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Straight argon will spray transfer if you have the volts and current, It is a lot of fun, but hot!
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you can yse straight argon ,but you tend to get roll over on the edge of he fillet,i.e it does not wash in to the corners of the fillet,argoshield has a % of co2 &a bit of o2 to help penetration &edge wettting,how much is your cyl rental in the uk,its about 10.00 per month here in NZ ,a small price to pay for goood guality hope this helps Keef
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