Welding aluminum with Millermatic 251

I would like to know if welding aluminum is possible with a Millermatic 251, without a spool gun. That is, would the regular wirefeed be able to push aluminum wire through a regular MIG gun like Bernard Q-30 series. If so, what would be the typical grades of aluminum wire used and can I use 25/75 mix for that.


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MIG gun like

grades of

Possible? Yes. Bitchy? Even more so. The only wire you'll push through that whip is the 5000 series. 4000 series is too soft to push. 5000 series is _very_ smoky and messy. You use straight Argon, and maybe a bit of Helium in the right circumstance. Would I do it? NFW! TIG rules, especially in repair work. YMMV phil

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Phil Kangas

5356 wire, a teflon liner for the gun, pure argon or argon/helium mix. You have to keep the gun cable very straight, and clip off the wire flush with tip every time. For 3/64" wire use a 1/16" tip. Smooth drive rollers are best so you don't indent teeth into the wire, therefore increasing friction. Drive roller tension should be set so if the wire is stubbed out it slips on the drive rollers. This reduces the chance of bird-nesting.

One of the main problems is the slight delay in the gas flow. This will make a slight barf at the beginning of each weld, unless you hardwire an over-ride for the gas solenoid in the machine so you get pre-flow gas.

It can work, but it is a hassle.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

How common are rollers with teeth as I've only seen one, although I've only looked at a few dozen MIG wire feed rollers over 25 years. The particularly one was on a small low end MIG and was a PITA, as while I could adjust it to work OK and not birdnest at the slightest sign of the wire sticking, the owner couldn't. In the end just machined as much of the tops of the teeth out of the grooves to reduce the bite and job done, everyone happy.

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David Billington

Ernie, thanks, it would seem that it is not worth doing that, right?

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Depends... I did it for a project many years ago because it was my only option. It worked, but the first time I used a spoolgun I swore..."NEVER AGAIN".

You can rent a power supply for about $50 for a weekend, and a spoolgun to go with it for about $75. Plan your project to weld it over a weekend. It worked for me for years.

I know this sounds like sacrilege , but you don't have to OWN everything.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Gasp! ((shhh- don't tell Gunner))) ;>)

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Ah...er....ahum......you dont? Really? Your kidding everyone...right?





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