Millermatic 251- YOWZAH!

Just got my miller 251 Mig welder with a 30 A spoolgun. What a treat!

For small stuff, the M25 mig gun is ok, but the spool gun is a monster.

I played with 2 lb spools of 308L, 5356 Al, Esab 71T1, 70S6 in .030. Just for grins I ran some .045 70S6 on pre heated .500 plate in the spool gun. Good penetration, minimal spatter, great looking weld. A religious experience.

I built an add on rack to the Mig runner package that allows me to store my hood, gloves , the spoolgun and some loose tools. What a rush. It took no time compared to the 135. The Miller 135 was a good tool but this is a different universe.

Many thanks to Ernie and the rest of the crew for good advice How you guys end up knowing more than the company reps is astounding...actually, its disappointing. I was correcting the factory rep at the welding fair....folks were asking me about the pros/cons of the 251 vs ???.

BTW. I played around with Harris' _Twenty Gauge_ wire on some 22 ga sheet and really couldnt tell any difference between it and 70S6 when it was dialled in right. The Rep said that it was Gods gift to sheet metal. Any comments?

regards, Jim

Again, many thanks for the advice. I have a pressure washing trailer job that I am going to kick butt on .

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I have a spool of it but have yet to play with it.

I have run 0.035" ESAB 7100 Ultra in my Readywelder spoolgun, and it is very nice.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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