1/16" MIG wire in a Millermatic 251

I have some MIG welding wire that I am not sure if I should keep.
Most pressing is a roll of 1/16" aluminum 4043 wire that I am not sure
if I should sell.
Would anyone know if it is way too big for this Millermatic and could
I ever achieve good results with it, and is it too big for the gun
that is on it.
Sorry if this question is stupid, I have next to no experience MIG
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Have you got some 3/64 wire the kind you use the 0.047 hole inside contactor tips for? Do you foresee needing anything bigger than that?
The thing about mig and aluminum is removing the weld if you don't like it. It isn't like steel where you just pick up the 15 amp grinder. That alloy you mention kind of clogs aluma burrs (carbide things which go in die grinders or air tools spinning somewhere around 20,000rpm.)
Have you wandered around the internet and found the miller discussion group on the miller site moderated by miller employees?
I kind of wonder the same kind of question about my welder and 1/16 dual shield. from the manufacturers data I would need 400 amps or so it varies, the more you turn up the voltage the more you turn up the wire speed and hence the amps go up.
Is a millermatic 251 rated the old way 251 at 60% duty cycle or the new way 251 at max? Or perhaps more correctly commercial vs non commercial rating.
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