millermatic 251 cooling fan operation :-?

Hi folk,

I like to ask others that use millermatic 251 abotu the fan operation. I understand that it is fan on demand .... fan will come on when needed, however I have this machine for about a wek now and have not heared the fan run yet I am concerned about the posibility of fan wire connector was left unhooked or become loose during shipping or posible bad fan

the welder is used under its rated capacity but itis in texas, where temps are always close to 100 F.

please some one confirm if it is normal fan operation.


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Why the hell don't they just run the fan full time? Is it just to save power? That seems unlikely - how much power could it use? Especially considering that a heat sensor is required and the possibility of it's failure. Am I missing something?


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Bob Engelhardt

The reason they don't run full time is so the machine doesn't suck in all the shop grit. I use mine professionally, and I'd have to turn the machine on and off constantly to avoid the "grit suckin'". I wish my PC had the same setup. It's in the office, but still very dusty.

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John L. Weatherly

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