Protecting kids from seeing the arc

I am a hobbyist beginner. Found a Hobart Handler 120 in mint
condition for $275 recently. Had planned to go o/a, but grabbed this
for now. I'll be welding on my driveway. What do others do to screen
the arc light from wandering children? I can't lock them all inside
watching Barney. There are commercial solutions, but those are
costly. Thought of dismantling some old duct work to make a 'u' shape
18" tall and 3' on a side. Ideas?
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Same situation sometimes. I just told them what would happen if they watched (sand in eyes) and asked them not to do it. I get on well enough with the neighbourhood kids that they do what I ask. Initially I was frequently taking a peek to make sure they weren't and caught a couple, but they get the message. Was able to relax a bit when I overheard them telling new arrivals not to look at it.
Since they tend to come to play in the tree, it is an easier matter to put me between tree and arc most of the time. (small jobs).
A word of warning. Make it clear to the kids (when they compliment you) that you are just learning and not very good. You will still have to head off requests to do welding jobs as the neighbours find out you weld. Hint; a lot of stuff is too thin for an arc welder {:-). Okay, I did the Italians gas burner stand to take a 44gal drum. It was for tomatoe day and we get a few bottles of sauce each year {:-).
A couple of years on. I let the occassional sole kid look through the spare welding helmet. You just have to make it clear that the dark glass goes down when you say and they are not made for looking at the sun. Oh, tell them they have to wear old clothes first. They don't hang around for long.
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Terry Collins

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