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Hi all! I am about to purchase a new welder, and was wondering if anyone
has any opinions or experience with this welder? I can get a deal on
this, everything brand new, including the tank already filled, for about
$630. I will be using it to do general welding around the shop, as we
race stockcars for circletrack racing. I usually weld up a rollcage once
a year, plus crash repairs, trailer repairs, sometimes sheetmetal
repairs on street cars, such as rocker panels, ect. So I won't be using
it daily, just once every week or 2, more in springtime while building a
car, less in winter. Any thoughts are appreciated, I just recently
started to lurk here, this seems like a nice group of guys in here!
Thanks, Earl
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big"e" lewis
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I have the earlier version of this welder, the Hobart 175, and I like it a lot. I mostly do art welding - sculpture, furniture, brackets, etc., so I might not be using it the same way you plan to, but I can tell you that it has plenty of power and very smooth operation. I recommend it to others all the time.
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