Hobart Handler at HF

I got a flyer from harbor frieght today, they are selling reconditioned Handler 135's for $379.00, full factory warranty. Hmmm...temptation..


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Hobart recently released a 140 that supercedes the 135. So both new and refurbished 135's are, or will be, on sale right about now. If the 135 meets your requirements (both now and in the near future), go for it.

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My friend a non welder got his after some months of waiting till it came in from back order. I went to his house to set it up and show him how to work it. And I believe it was a fine machine, we only had a chance to use it with flux wire but it performed flawlessly. Ed ke6bnl

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Ed ke6bnl

I paid that for mine new.

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Jamie Arnold (W)

Hello all,

I just purchased a new Handler 140, with cart at Farm & Fleet for


That is in Wisconsin....

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Congratulation, that sounds like a great deal. I think that is the same machine we used in my welding class at the local adult school. It welded real smooth.


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Jim Meyer

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