Stiffer aluminum MIG wire

I can't find the original thread but I said I'd report back on the type of aluminum MIG wire I've been using very successfully without a spool gun.

The reel simply contains the label Al5Mg -- which I assume to mean that it has 5% magnesium.

I couldn't see a manufacturer name but I found an Italian website (I was pretty sure the wire was Italian in origin) which confirms that it has 4.8% magnesium.

It also says that it's an alloy designed for welding 5000 series or for welding 5000 and 7000 to 5000 series and the resulting weld is suitable for anodizing.

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I think what you have there is a 5556 wire. It is not that common a wire, but it generally available anywhere in the US. It is used for welding aluminum Boat hulls. It is a little stronger that 5356.

I believe you meant it was for joining 5000 series to 6000 series aluminums. There are very few weldable 7000 series aluminums. There is only one that is at all common and that is 7005 which is used for a lot of bike frames.

You can read about that wire and many more on Alcotec's excellent site

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