Using aluminum Mig wire for fine TIG work

I've had a roll of aluminum mig wire around for a long time. I was using it for other purposes. I recently purchased a TIG machine and was wondering if the mig wire would be any good for tig welding. It's very thin but though it might be good for fine TIG work. It also seems a lot stiffer than than the alloy using in standard tig rod.

(always looking for a way to save $$$)


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Dave Sage
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I've done that and it worked fine. Had some light alum. to weld and use the mig wire by cutting it in short lengths....18"...and running it through my fingers to make it more or less straight. Worked great. Good luck. Mike

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Ditto on Mike's comment. I use MIG wire all the time for intricate work with very low / moderate current. It works like a charm. I also wondered if the physical compounds were the same as in a "rod" I just tried it as I had a

180deg and beyond area where I could hardly get my torch with a short back cap and a ground down cup. Worked like a charm, I did a few pieces to simulate the weld and torture tested it- not a problem at all. This was on the inside of a runner on a small block Chevy sheetmetal (Al) manifold that has short runners I built. It still is on the clients car and never has been a source of any problems. It works fine for me. I don't know if there was difference in the material (rod vs. wire) but it works in real life on a high stress part.

All the best,

Rob Fraser

Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.

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