New spool of MIG wire -WOW!

My baby MIG has been cantankerous lately: wire sticking, funky arc.
Looking at it closely, I could see some rust on the wire. There wasn't
much left, so I bought a new roll. WOW, what a difference!! The poor
performance had crept up on me over a long time, so it wasn't noticeable
until it was really bad.
The old roll was Fourney, from local hardware store; the new one Anchor
brand from a welding store. But I suspect it was the rust, more than
the brand, that was the problem. I'm now thinking about some kind of
enclosure around the spool, with a dessicant in it. Anybody done it?
BTW - the welding shop invoice:
wire ................ $4
cleaning pads ........ 6
compliance charge ... $4
"compliance charge"?? WTF?? !!
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Bob Engelhardt
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