CO2 or CO2/Argon mix?

I just found this group and think its great. I'm a
semi-professional welder. I've taken every form of welding courses
available and do some welding repairs at work from time to time. At
home I do alot of welding and fabricating. I own a Miller millermatic
250 wirefeed with spoolgun attachment and an old Airco Heliarc 150
ac/dc welder. Now for the question. I've used CO2/argon mix with my
wirefeed for has long has I've owned a mig welder. I remember from
school and the guy at the welding store saying that it produced better
looking welds. I've used straight CO2 at 2 different buddies house on
there wirefeed and thought it worked better then the mix. I was at my
welding store today and found out that a tank of CO2 will last about 3
times longer then the argon mix and it is $4.00 a tank cheaper.
So...... what is everyone using on there mig welder and does anyone
have any input on this?
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Vince D.
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At school we have about 32 MIG machines. All of them are running C25 gas (75% Argon, 25% CO2). It is the standard of the industry at this time.
There are some MIG machines that can be tuned so CO2 welds are cleaner with less spatter.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thats funny. When I took my welding courses all the mig welders were on CO2. What I was getting at is I know of 2 different people that have simular welders has mine that use CO2 and have no problems and the welds look about the same has mine. Vince
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Vince D.
"Vince D." wrote
I used to have a MillerMatic 200 that I owned for about ten years. Burned CO2 except for one tank of 75/25. The bead was a little better, but not anything noticeable. I used it so much that at times the regulator froze up.
I bought a new Lincoln 175+ and it came with a 75/25 regulator. If it wasn't for having to buy a new regulator, I would use CO2. It is cheaper, and the weld quality isn't that much different.
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Gases make a world of difference. With CO2 you get more spatter and you cannot achieve sray transfer using hard wire. The penetration is higher though with CO2 If you are just welding in your garage and want an economical gas then CO2 is a fair choice. Once you are in a commercial situation where time is money then proprietry mixes will give you higher deposition rates and minimal cleaning if any at all. You of course have to have high output machines that will be capable of using these new wires and gases. The shop I am in recently upgraded to machines that are only three years old. The difference is amazing. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman
You can buy an adapter to use an argon regulator with CO2. I have used oen for years. Geoff
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Geoff M

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