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Doug Goncz
Replikon Research
Seven Corners, VA 22044-0394
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The Dougster
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Already thought about a troll-chapter and the nominees?
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Nick Müller
Hey Doug,
Woooowwww. New name, and sporty too.
How ya doing anyway. Miss your writing once in a while. Are you busy or just being lazy?
Not much to that Wiki page, and its not well done either. Not much interest to me.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.
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Brian Lawson
Hi, Brian. Hey, gang.
Doing better with a lot of help to get there. I'm trying Atikins now to keep from the highs and lows. Yeah, I still write, especially about the self-replicating stuff. I'm not goin' anywhere! I'll be around. Keeping busy.
Wiki page needs to be redone; it says so right on it, but if we were to redo it, would there be a place on it for *us*? After all, a lot of web-wonks don't know from Usenet.
Doug (Er, The Dougster) Brian Laws> Hey Doug,
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The Dougster

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