looking for bbq burner site/plans

I see alot of home forge burner plans. or the same one the Reils i think.
but nothing for bbq.
looking for propane bbq burner construction plans.
any around? been hunting for 2 hours , only thing I can find is the same
forge burner.
Looking for plans to replace H burner for my home bbq grill that runs on
something that made of pipe fitting or with minimum welding, and home
I have thin wall stainless pipe but its to hard to drill for the bits I
have, so I was thinking of water pipe.
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Dont use galvanzied water pipe. Black pipe would be ok. Galvanzied pipe could be covering pinholes, and you dont want to be breathing the fumes that are emitted when the galvanized pipe starts getting really hot. I have seen small cast iron burners that you thread different size jets into depending on wether your going lpg or natural gas. Check these links for ideas
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Scroll down here as there are some H shaped cast iron burners
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