Looking for blacksmith web site

Hello all,
I'm looking for a web site I recently visited but didn't bookmark. It
had some nice demos and I think it just recently went up. It had a
reference to KEENJUNK and may have said that some of the demos were
from that site. The site wasn't I-FORGE or ANVILFIRE. Do this sound
familar? I've searched but haven't had any luck yet. I remember one of
the demos was for making candle holders from pipe.
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David Cheakas
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is no more, but this site is sort of a successor. Many of the same people are posting on it. Hope this helps. Rob Wichita, KS
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Rob Fertner
Well, not exactly "no more". Keenjunk still exists on the Wayback Machine:
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Try looking at the history on your computers browser, if it wasn't that long ago that you visited the site it may still be listed there.
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It;s only me

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