looking for mostly aluminum allow with some nickel and iron

I need some tubing and round rod made of like 90% aluminum and maybe

5% nickel and 5% iron.

Are there any alloys in that ball park?

It needs to be light weight and magnetically soft but not too soft. It needs to retain a magnetic field but not be very hard to re- magnetize. It needs to hold up to !000 degrees F and be somewhat corrosion resistant. Its OK if it loses its magnetic hysteresis at that temperature.

Its OK to have other elements but I'm looking for something light weight. Its OK for the tubing to have less aluminum, mainly the rod material needs to be light weight.

Hot hydrocarbon vapors will be flowing through the tubing and around the rod but I'm trying to achieve plasma hydrocarbon cracking more than catalytic cracking.

Anybody have suggestions of available materials, especially for a light weight aluminum alloy that is slightly magnetic.

Thanks, gjbugh

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George Bugh
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How strong do you want it at 1000 degrees F? I would not think any aluminum alloy will be very strong at that temperature.

Some Titanium alloys are slightly magnetic. You might think about Ti . It is light, strong at temperature, and expensive.

=20 Dan

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You are looking at Titanium not aluminum. Perhaps even thin wall 400 series stainless, it would be considerably cheaper and more available. Steve

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Steve Lusardi

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