M Head Tool Holder Removal

I give up and have to ask, ok I abused it and it's probably really stuck and left for at least 5 years. I've beat on the loosened draw bar probably less than what the threads can handle and afraid to hit it harder. IIRC the draw bar won't come out, if it does, anyone know what Dia. rod I can use for a punch? Or will pickle fork work or what?

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The drawbar on my M head came out, but I had the same problem. I ended up heating the spindle with a propane torch, while I had ice on the end mill holder. I had made a pair of c-shaped plates that would get between the holder and the spindle nose, and had bolts spreading the plates. I beat on the drawbar with a 5-Lb hammer, all at the same time. Finally, the combination of the 3 techniques all at once broke it free.

The pickle fork, or maybe two of them together, might do better than my plates and bolts.


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Jon Elson

M heads in principle have a drawbar that pushes as well as pulls. If it's the stock one then holding the larger nut (with the two flats) and then turning the upper one (hex) CCW as viewed from above, should apply force to expel the collet.

If it's not the stock drawbar, or if using the pusher feature simply isn't strong enough, go easy on the spindle. Those are basically a pair of SAE 205 bearings in there and they're tolerably fragile.

If it's stuck bad, I would consider removing the quill and using a hydraulic press to push the collet out, so you can make up a fixture to press against the bottom of the spindle, so no force is applied through bearings. Good luck my friend.


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jim rozen

Good luck is right. I read your post of course after the scary one and your's sounded familiar so I went out to check that out. Cleaned the operating table and pulled the head out of the back bottom shelf and plopped it on the bench and it looked like a cheap pet from dust and oil. Then I cringed and looked closely trying to over look the dust and fine sand and freaked, I obviously already figured it out before and the draw bar and the tool holder are missing. :o) Scary, I don't recall accomplishing that at all.

Thanks for the help, I have to at least put it through a parts washer cause I'm gonna have to get it up and running.

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