microscope illuminators anyone?

I ended up with a lifetime supply of microscope illuminator light sources -
some are ready to go, but I have a pile that need a lamp (they use EKE or
EJA) and a part of a fuse holder - of course I can change out the fuse
holder or buy new ones to get the part, but so can you, (or, don't tell
anyone, you can just bypass the fuse or put a pigtail fuse inside) - so,
here's a deal - $12 for one, $20 for two - shipping of $10 for one or two in
the USA - I have tested all of these and they are working (except for lamp
and fuse, of course).
They are this exact item
formatting link
but the front
says Reichert - it is the same specs and the same catalog number
if you are interested, please contact me off the list - get my address off
my web page, replying to this note won't work
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I may..may have some of the fiber optic tubes..like a piece of flex conduit, that fit in these.
Anyone interested, Ill start digging through the Stuff
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