Motor to Drum Switch -- Wiring Help needed

I have an old Logan model 820 lathe that needs a new motor, and the only replacement I have is an Emerson 3/4 HP motor. The new motor does not have just leads for the start and run windings like my old motor. Instead it has a plastic terminal plate inside with the start winding cutoff switch wired to the run windings as well as the start winding. Under normal operation you need to reverse two wires on the terminal plate manually. Currently the motor is wired for 115v and I want to be able to reverse the motor via the drum switch. I'd love to know how this would work for 220v operation as well. The lathe has it's original switch that I will try to diagram here. After reading everything I can google on Motors and this newsgroup I have tried twice to wire the switch to the motor so that it can be used to reverse the motor, but each time my electrical knowledge failed me.

Can someone take a look at the schematic and possibly provide me with information on exactly how this setup should be wired?

The motor schematic is a PDF file located at :

formatting link

Switch Schematic ======================================================== FWD Position Pins 1,4 &2 are connected and Pins 3,5&6 are connected. 1------------4 | | 2 5 | | 3-----------6 ====================================================== OFF Position (No connections)

1 4 2 5 3 6 ====================================================== REV Position Pins 1,4,&5 are connected and Pins 2,3,&6 are connected. 1-------------4 | | 2 5 | | 3-------------6 =====================================================

I hope the ascii artwork shows up ok.

Regards and Thanks in Advwnce.


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