Myford capstan questions

While browsing ebay I noticed a Myford "capstan" which is a turret
that mounts on the cross slide. I would like to hear how useful
this accessory is. This capstan has several limitation over a regular
bed turret. It does not have a stop; so it depends on using a
carrage multi-stop. You need to rotate the turret and the stop
seperately which seems like a real PIA. Also the myford multi-stop
has a range of only 4.5 inchs.
As a side note, I have a rockwell lathe with a real bed turret
that doesn't get used because its quite heavy and difficult to
get on and off. I cannot leave it on because I Have a short bed lathe.
Seems more logical to use the rockwell turret but I like collecting
myford accessories too!
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Charles A. Sherwood
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Do what I have done. I made a special table (4x4 legs, lots of 2x4 in various places) to support the turret just off the end of my 12x24" Clausing. The tailstock is light enough to lift off (though the clamp plate is a pain), and once it is off, I can slide the bed turret onto the end of the bed. (There is a layer of Plexiglass under the bed turret to give a good sliding finish. The underpinning of the table offers support for the various chucks.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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