nickel plating brass

I need to build a carb for a model engine. This carb is made from
various brass parts, some of which need to be hard soldered to
other parts. This part needs to look nice and I don't want to see
the solder joints.
Option one: use a hard solder that looks like brass. I'm pretty
sure there are allows that look yellow. Right?
Option two: nickle plate the whole thing to hide the solder joints.
Any problem plating silver solder joints??
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Charles A. Sherwood
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Greetings Chuck, Yes, there are hard solders that are yellow. You could get yourself down to the local jeweler's supply and look at the solders. Nickel plating can be done at home. Caswell
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sells two types of nickel plating solutiions. One requires electricity and the other is electroless. The electroless nickel will plate inside too so you must mask or block off areas you don't want plated. If any soft solder is used it must be lead free. Cheers, Eric R Snow
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Eric R Snow
Caswell's electroless nickel hasn't always worked for me on brass, even when I touched the brass with a piece of steel as directed. Sometimes it just sits there and nothing happens. If I copper-plated the brass first, then the electroless nickel would work. Maybe I have some strange brass....
The regular nickel has always worked well for me on brass objects that have been silverbrazed.
H&H Easyflo 45 isn't an exact color match for brass, but after buffing it's not bad.
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Don Foreman
There are different colours of brass...
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