noise from j head

I have a j head clone with a change belt set up. I sometimes get a noise
that sounds like a backlash vibration. If I loosen the belt some it goes
away, but there is no play in the bearings. The pulley to spindle has a
small amount of play, not much but some backlash. I seem to here the noise
more when using a heavy tool, large chuck, facing mill ect. I have not heard
the noise if I run in low range. If I leave more slack in the belt it runs
very quite. Sometimes it makes the noise while cutting sometimes while
spinning free.
Any ideas?
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If your belt has a worn spot, it will ride lower in the pulley when that point goes around. As the thin spot of the belt alternately runs from one pulley to the other, it alternately speeds up and slows down the spindle. I had this in a 3-in-one machine, and it almost made it jump off the table.
Another source of noise it from the spindle splines. As a cutting edge digs into the work, the spindle winds up like a spring, then it jumps ahead when the cutting edge breaks free. This can cause a lot of clatter on side cuts.
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Jon Elson
I dang sure can't help you with this one. Mine at work is in an 85 decibel area. I wouldn't know what a Bridgeport in a quiet room sounds like. Machining with noise has it's advantages.. You worry less about the little sounds.
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