Old troy bilt tiller update


Took spark plug out. The piston is not moving. WIth the tiller in gear, pulling the recoil starter, the tiller will move. (Meaning I guess the crank is not snapped in half or soemthing.

I plan on taking the engine out tonight.

By the way, I have a 3.5 horse engine layign around. It was attached ot a pump at one time. Think this would work? It would probably be underpowered.

Could I weld the current rod?

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It would likely be inadequate, even if it fit.

The rods that I have broken had disintegrated bottom ends. Yours likely broke from seizing on the crank journal - it's toast. But a rod shouldn't be that expensive to replace - get your model number and Google "Tecumseh parts".

Then tear it down. If there's many other parts broken (unlikely), the replacement costs can add up quickly. But you have to tear it down to know.


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Bob Engelhardt

Consult your local power equipment dealer. They can get you the parts you need. There is a short block available for most engines like this. All you do is transfer parts to the new block.

You could have the local power equipment shop do that for you as well.

As long as you can write a check, this is not a problem.


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You could just do the easy thing and install a Kohler on it. TB used Kohler, B&S, Tecumseh, and a few even had Clintons on them. Shouldn't be difficult to find one for it.

The catch with the Tecumseh is that the parts can be hard to get for some engines.

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Steve W.

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