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The food stamp discussion caused me to research the topic in
depth, and expand on my suggestion to create some sort of
mobile community commissary to provide access to fresh
fruits and vegetables in the core urban areas. This
resulted in a proposal for SNAP Effectiveness Improvement
Initiative [SEII] which you can see in pdf format at
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apologize for the length, but this is a complex topic, and
the somewhat turgid academic prose, but this was the
audience for which it was written.
As is not uncommon, writing the proposal also resulted in a
serendipitous insight, namely that the U. S. economy doesn't
exist as such, but rather is a trope for an aggregate or
agglomeration of distinct and separate economies, which
happen to be domiciled within the geographic boundaries of
the United States, from post-industrial/post-capitalist, e.
g. San Francisco, through second word/socialist, e. g. New
York City, 3rd world/less developed, e. g. rust belt, to 4th
world undeveloped/failed state, e. g. Detroit and Newark.
Another significant finding, more directly related to the
SNAP/nutrition challenge, is that while the existing SNAP
program is costly to the taxpayers, ==>the consequential
malnutrition of the current SNAP program (and typical
American diet) and existing food distribution channels,
because of catastrophic rise in diet induced diabetes,
cardiovascular, renal, and other problems such as
Another insight, which has been confirmed locally, is the
children and infants, which appears to be the result of
unsanitary food handling and/or unsafe storage, treated at
the local hospital emergency rooms, again largely at
taxpayer expense. The proposed initiative also addresses
this facet.
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