Painting aluminum fuel tanks

My fuel tanks arrived today and this weekend will be burried deep inside Rutu never to be seen again. There will be a way to pull them but it will be a real hassle and there is now way to inspect the bottom. They will be mounted on UHMW pads to keep water away from them but I want to paint them with a 2 part linear polyurethane for some added insurance. The plan is to sand blast them and prime with DuPont Variprime 615S before the LPU. Anyone have a better suggestion?

I don't ever want to see these tanks again.

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Glenn Ashmore
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A coat of fiberglass would provide even more protection.


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Jack Hayes

Sandblast then wrap/coat them with fiberglass. .25 inch of fiberglass will form a tank outside your tank and protect from the internal corrosion. Of course you could try cathodic protection. gary

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Gary Owens

These tanks are made of aluminum 1/8" or thicker, right?

Sandblasting thin aluminum can cause significant distortion very quickly -- but I bet you already knew that. Aluminum blasting is best done with plastic beads or crushed walnut shells.

Even if blasted, I'd treat the alum>My fuel tanks arrived today and this weekend will be burried deep inside

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Don Foreman

Like Don says, Iridite (alodine), then paint.

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Check out a local truck bed liner material like Rhinoliner or Duraliner. They are sprayed on fairly thick and hold up good to abrasion. We have been using these products on steel and aluminum fuel tanks on comm. fish boats and seems to be a lot better than any paint job. Jim

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Jim Moser

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