Parts Needed for old Delta/Rockwell Drill Press 15-655

I picked up an old D/R drill press that has variable speed cone drive problems. The pressure bearing under the front cone is VERY bad. Some damage to the bottom of the pulley and significant wear to the bearing mount on the pulley. I might be able to sleeve that part of the puller but the pressure component is basically gone. Any idea of a parts source? Respectfully, Ron Moore

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Old Wood Working Machines jhas a couple of links to places such as Delta and Ace Tool Repair where you can plug in the model number and see what parts are still available.

I have a 1953 11-120 drill press and I just picked up a 1956 28-140 bandsaw, and was surprised at what is still available for them.

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Dear Ron, i have a Delta Drill Press 15-665, and i was able to get replacement bearings and parts directly from my local Delta dealer, who also installed them and did a service. Your model should still be current. Good luck! Richard in Los Angeles

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