Patents on the Blumlein Bridge

It took some futzing, but I figured out how to get copies of British (well, European) patents:

Go to (for English).

Enter the patent number "GB 323037" (original bridge patent) or "GB

585780" (automated bridge).

The patent will be in the list presented. Click on the patent title.

The patent will duly come up. Click on the "Original Document" tab.

When motion stops, it may or will seem that the pdf has been downloaded. But this copy is defective, so discard it.

Look above the tab window for a menu-bar containing the button "Save Full Document"; click on this button.

An are-you-human? test will present; answer the question. The real pdf will now download. Unless you blew the test.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn
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Actually a better site than the US site. Better search capability. My patent came up with a simple 2 word search. Kool.

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Calif Bill

Last time I looked there they were more use than the online British patent office as the European patent online library went back far further than the British one. I was looking for GB 980790 and got a hard copy from the British patent office, a mate later mentioned the European online patents and they had it, the British patent office didn't go back far enough with the online database. Not sure how far they go back now it has been a couple of years.

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David Billington

I did not find the British Patent Office website to be that helpful.

I'm guessing it goes back to the first British patent, given that

323,037 was issued in 1929.

I suppose one could try to get "GB 1". Well, it yielded ~400 patents, so that isn't going to work.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn

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