New Google American Patent search.

Posted to ATIS by Arnie Ferro. I thought it was also relevant to the English
Engine List.
It seems to work great for finding out American patent data.
See Arnies post below.
Ready for an early Christmas present? Check THIS out...
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Google has a new patent search. It includes ALL US patents, it can do
date searches, text searches, and searches for inventor and assignee.
Read the FAQ for more info.
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This looks like a boon for researching old engines and tools. One thing I
noticed is that their data entry has some glitches. For example, 626155
(Fithian's patent for the Bessemer half-breed) lists "GAS ENGINE" as the
inventor. However, a search on just "Fithian" did find the patent and a
number of his other ones; for the clutch pulley for example.
This should prove invaluable for tracing the evolution of key gas engine
features. A couple of my personal areas of interest are the evolution of
the fuel feeder in the Middleditch / Detroit / Bessemer line of two-cycle
engines and the fuel system found on the Waterloo & Robertsonville
engines. I can see a "lost weekend" coming up...
BTW it found my 11 patents slicker 'n snot on a doorknob. 8-))
Note also that it's a Beta Version, so I don't want to hear any whining if
something doesn't work. Tell Google. 8-))
See ya, Arnie
Dave Croft
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Dave Croft
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I've just tried a few quick searches. Impressive! Hope Google, or someone, will do the same for UK patents, and soon!
and some!
Regards, DJC.
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There have been patents on the internet for a while, including UK and European. I haven't checked the Google one to see if it differs. A chap I correspond with sent me this explanation a while back.
-The most "user friendly" base is the European one. Try
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NB there is no "www" for this site.
From the home page select "Quick Search" - this should bring up a window with three headings;
1. Data Base (leave on "Worldwide")
2. Select "Persons and Organizations"
3. Type in, for example, "Frederick Henry Royce" or "Sanford A Moss" or any one else you know who might have patented stuff. This will throw up a list of all that person's patents.
Then you just click on the title and some details of the patent will come up. Sometimes there is an absract, mostly not. If you select the "Mosaics" tab, the drawings will appear.
If you want to print out the whole patent, click on the "Original Document" tab and when the first page comes up, go to the Tool Bar above the page and click "Maximise".
You can only print out one page at a time so it's a bit time consuming.
This data base will scan the US patents as well - their patents always come up with the drawings first.
Just make sure you have plenty of time for this activity; it can really grab you!!
Also, the data base is very sensitive to names, for example if you just type in "Henry Royce" you may not get anything.
Number searching is easy. Try US2468976 for example. This is the patent for the Chrysler IV 2220 16 cylinder engine of 1942. I doubt you would find more detail on this engine anywhere.
If you want to have a go at the US patent record, it is more difficult to navigate. Try the GB one first and see how you go.
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Peter Short
Very interesting. Over 200 hits on "hot air engine" - should take me a while to work though :-)
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Nick H
Not true, and I say this in a helpful rather than combative tone of voice.
There's a thin 'menu' bar at the top with a 'Save full document' option on it. This opens a pop-up window where you have to enter a verification code contained in an image that's displayed, which then downloads the whole shebang as a PDF.
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John Montrose
Thank you, Peter. *
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