peening to tighten thread

I am finishing up a bench for a Southbend 9B. The top is strapped at the ends with bar stock and bolted through with 1/2" - 13 stock.

The last 36" length of rod has a thread on which the nut runs "loose." There's too much play and I'm not in a position to take it back.

Can I improve the grip of the nut by slightly peening the thread on the 12" - 13 stock - at select places ?

Comments? Suggestions?

Thanks, - Carl H.

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You own a lathe. Make a tight fitting nut.


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Karl Townsend

Thanks Karl.

- Carl H.

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Or, if you want to use your peening method, try shrinking the nut you have. But, ya, making a nut would be best.

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Ed Huesers

Put a stover nut or a Nyloc (or other prevailing torque) nut on it.

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Ayup..Karl is absolutely right

Easy to do


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Gunner Asch

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