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I think former Yugoslav president and dictator Josip Broz TITO was the only world leader who like to relax and enjoy yourself in metalworking homeshop. He was a metalworker by vocation.

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Anybody know which lathe is in the second picture?

Regards, Hrvoje

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Lula DeSilva [current president of Brasil] was a machinist before getting into politics.

Unka George (George McDuffee)

There is something to be said for government by a great aristocracy which has furnished leaders to the nation in peace and war for generations; even a democrat like myself must admit this. But there is absolutely nothing to be said for government by a plutocracy, for government by men very powerful in certain lines and gifted with the "money touch," but with ideals which in their essence are merely those of so many glorified pawnbrokers.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), U.S. Republican (later Progressive) politician, president. Letter, 15 Nov. 1913.

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F. George McDuffee

Peter the Great was an amateur just about everything. Courtiers with toothaches were wise to hide them.

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Jimmy Carter is a better than average woodworker, from what I've seen. Don't care for his politics, but at least he was honest.

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Dave Hinz

So was Unka Joe Stalin.

president. Letter, 15 Nov. 1913.

The aim of untold millions is to be free to do exactly as they choose and for someone else to pay when things go wrong.

In the past few decades, a peculiar and distinctive psychology has emerged in England. Gone are the civility, sturdy independence, and admirable stoicism that carried the English through the war years . It has been replaced by a constant whine of excuses, complaints, and special pleading. The collapse of the British character has been as swift and complete as the collapse of British power.

Theodore Dalrymple,

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