Profile cutting lathe bit

I have some aluminum "A" belt profile V belt pulleys to make from 6061
T6. Could the grooves be plunge cut (one at a time) with a single
cutter ground to an A groove profile? The lathe I have is a Leblond
19" with a CX tool post so the tool setup can be fairly rigid. I'm
after a reasonable surface finish without having a cleanup pass with
another tool. worth a try?
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I tried doing just this with my 10EE a few years back. I had a bit of chatter, so I used a cutoff tool to rough out the depth in the center of the groove, worked great.
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Karl Townsend
I Think I'll give that a try karl.
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It's a function of cutting length (length of edge actually cutting) and rigidy of your lathe. A simple way to half the cutting length is to make your form-tool smaller than required, plunge cut and then move left and right to get the right width.
You have to know how rigid your lathe is.
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Nick Mueller
"Karl Townsend" wrote in message news:6O1Kh.127570$
We use this method often in steel
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