Quality of Starret band saw blades--opinions

We do alot of bandsaw work and use the 1/16 Starret blade. Its the
smallest they make and we've been having lots of problems. My boss
tells me that till a few years ago they were great but their quality
has really deteriorated. He thinks they are too soft and their heat
treating is sporatic as far as quality goes. The others making these
small blades are even worse he says. SO is he nuts or has their saw
quality gone downhill. Maybe they have them made in China now?
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I assume your blade is the flex-back carbon steel blade since it is so narrow. I can only speak to the 1/4" Matrix II blade stock (bimetal) which I buy in coils. I have not seen a drop in quality, but a coil lasts me about 2 years and I have been using it for only about 8 years. Hopefully my next coil will be as good as the present one.
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Randal O'Brian

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