question about color code paint on steel

Yesterday I drove around getting scrap steel:

50 pounds of 3/8" x 4" x L" for 25 cents/ pound, that is painted red on the end.

100 pounds of annealed 4140 for 40 cents / pound, in various shapes and sizes with a purple paint on the end. The purple paint has a slight hue of pink, but it is still purple.

Are these color codes universal? or does it depend on where the steel came from?

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Clark Magnuson
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While there is some commonality, don't count on it. I was given a wall chart from the Fry salesman, Bob Glynn. He said many colors were the same, but don't rely on the chart matching what I get from other suppliers.


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Color codes are as universal as opinons on lathes.

Very much dependant on where they came from.



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Asain lathes are s$&t. Everybody knows that.

here's a mystery metal chart I use:

formatting link
Helps rule out most of the unknowns.

FWIW, I have a bunch of cold rolled painted red. Also a bunch of stainless from another purchase.


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Karl Townsend

The color codes go by the supplier. If you buy all new metal from one supplier its easy to keep track. If not you got to either guess at it or have it assayed. YOu can spark test, and heat quench it and get some idea of what it is but an assay is the only sure way other than having certs on it. The one scrap place near here has a 5 inch round of A6 sitting out and plainly marked. I wonder why no one picked it up... everything is 35 cents a pound.


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