Question on heat treating O1 Dies

I have used the torch to heat treat very small parts before, but I am making
a couple of O1 dies 1x1x3 inch that punch complex opening into 0.062 Al
sheet. Do the experts think these need to be sent out to be heat treated?
If so, does anyone have a lead on a concern that will deal with a guy only
needing two pieces heat treated and tempered?
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Dave Erce
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I guess it depends one how much time you have into the die, Are you going to machine/grind the die to size afterward or is it on size now? Torch heating can blister and pit the surface or the steel, and it it has small or thin areas can decarboize the metal. Do you have an oven to temper the die in for an hour afterwards? Here is a url for the process of heat treating O1
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Dave Erce wrote:
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Thanks James for the reply and the web reference. I was planning on finish grinding after heat treat and will be leaving the critical surfaces 0.010 oversize during milling. The parts will be coming off my CNC Bridgeport, so once I finish the Gcodes, it will only take about an hour a die to make replacement blanks if need be.
I do not have an oven to anneal, but have a typical 100 buck IR pyrometer and a tub of vermiculite... Not the best. Perhaps I should just try a set and see how they come out.
If anyone had a lead on a pro with facilities to do the parts, I would probably just send them out and get it done right if vendor would deal with such a small order.
Thanks again James, Dave
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Dave Erce
These folks come highly recommended by one of the machine shops I deal with.
ART Assoc Inc Heat Treatmt 187 Water St Laconia NH 03246
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
Thanks Ned!
I gave them a call, very easy to deal with. Parts will be headed there next week. Phone quote very reasonable.
Thanks again for solving this one with a good resource for the Rolodex.
Regards, Dave
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Dave Erce
Hey Dave,
Jeez, if it was me I wouldn't mail it, I'd be driving it over there!! You ever been to Laconia at this time of year. Great spot!!
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson

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