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Hello All...
We use a lot of 2 inch 13 gauge round tube and cut the ends into a saddle
We have punch presses to do this notching now.
What is the best type of cutting machine to do this with, Laser cutter,
Hydrajet or Water cutter or Plasma?
We would like this fully automated as well.
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With a limited size range and proper tooling, a punch press is hard to beat for speed and cost. You can run parts as fast as you can load them.
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If you need special angles on the notch, very high precision, etc, you will have to research the various costs.
For really fancy angles, I've seen a a plasma cutter mounted on the end of a robot welder arm; used it used in high volume to cut an angled entry for a 6" aluminum pipe into a 36" diameter x 3/8" aluminum cone with full control of the weld prep angles.
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