radio control car

bought a radio control car this weekend
couldn't help myself
thing is the size of a Matchbox car, forward/back left/right controls
(not proportional though)
things got a capacitor or something in it and you charge it from the
transmitter unit. lasts about 5 minutes, 1 minute to recharge
the motor is the smallest I've ever seen, halfinch long, 1/4"
diameter. I think the steerring is magnetic but I'll open it to see
and dangit, it's fun to drive too.
and the cats hate it (-:
swarf, steam and wind
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I got my nephew one for Christmas last year. Had to test it to make sure it worked of course. A friend of mine wanted to cover one in fake fur to give his cats something to chase. The nephew said it was the best present he ever got and my brother wanted one for himself. Karl
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Karl Vorwerk
I bought one of that genre already fitted with a mouse shell (flocked, not furred), hoping to get a rise out of the family cat.
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The damn cat couldn't care less about it. (That's cats, folks.).
We ended up giving it to one of our young patients as a reward. He was thrilled.
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Jeff Wisnia
There are various knock-offs of these around, of varying quality. I've got one car, and two boats. The boats work fine, the car will not steer properly even on glass surface.
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Ian Stirling
Probably the same kind of motor that makes pagers vibrate.
-- Bill Browne
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Bill Browne
I think it is a energy cell that is akin to a capacitor and a battery.
Really it is a super capacitor that is low leakage. Maybe a 1F at 1V.
THey have been made for 30 or more years and have found a niche market at last!
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Nope. It's a 1/6th (or so) AAA NiCd cell.
The sort of low-ESR supercapacitor that you are referring to has only been commercially available for 6 years or so. The ones in most VCRs as capacitors to keep the clock alive over power outages have a maximum current of a couple of milliamps.
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Ian Stirling
All the ones I have seen are a single, tiny, 1.2v NiCd battery.
-- Joe
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THey were developed for war time bombs in the mid 60's. e-cells iirc. I got some early data sheets as I did some consulting with consults. (A strain gauge for Helicopters keeping from picking up to heavy a load.) [ that was a physics nightmare - twisting, bouncing load that might be to much of a load or just enough.]
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They are pretty much identical to (for example) AA cells, just smaller. You can buy very similar cells in continuous size ranges from well over D cell size to smaller than 1/3AAAA. And then you get button cells, that go from around 6*2mm on.
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Ian Stirling

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