Re-What is a Millwright?

I know what a millwright is. A millwright is the lazy ass**** who would never climb up to the top of the conveyer to oil the motor up there. And who forced me to climb up there in the snow to remove the bearing shells after I saw the babbit pouring out. I did that job twice in one winter. The sh**head would just laugh. But I got revenge. He stayed working at the mill. I got a job in a REAL machine shop with actual high speed drills that wouldn't melt when drilling mild steel and machines that were not updated around 1942 with a worn truck transmission to replace the broken flat belt sheave. ERS

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Eric R Snow
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Perhaps I'm confused, but during my 15+ years with Raytheon a Millright was a member of a skilled team that moved and placed heavy machinery without damaging it. These guys had nothing whatsoever to do with repair work on machines...that being the exclusive domain of the machinists and toolmakers.

Harry C.

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I think it varies with the plant you're employed in. As an apprentice millwright, we set up heavy production machinery and also maintained it. The job title there was millwright.

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Around here, it's someone that actually works in a sawmill, as a / machinist / welder / mechanic instead of his simply pulling and sorting boards offa some green or finished lumber chain.....

Now, please do have the courtesy to not ask me what a "saw filer" might expect to have to do for to make a living in these parts !!!

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Depends on the industry at hand. Where I was groomed (a missile manufacturing facility), there was a machine repair department staffed by up to four people, one of which oiled the machines daily, and kept the coolant topped off or changed in all the machines. One man did nothing but machine repairs. Another, who came later, was very capable of rebuilding machine tools, re-scraping ways and all, which he did on rare occasion. I recall his rebuilding a Gorton 0-16A mill, a piece of junk when he got started, and a very nice machine when he was finished.


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Harold and Susan Vordos

No need to ask: A Saw Filer obviously makes sure the saws are correctly stored in their cabinets, in alphabetical order, of course; under categories such as: Small, Middlesize, Big Suckers, really Big Suckers, and Holy-Crap-How-Do-You-Get-That-Thing-Onto-The-Mandrel. Subcategories might be: Lotsa Teeth, Not-So-Many-Teeth, Just-A-Few-Teeth, and Smooth-so-to-the scrap-pile-with-them. (Or to the other Saw Filer, the guy with the big box of files)

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John Husvar

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