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Speaking of both, NH Mensa invited a local witch, or Wiccan, to talk at a dinner meeting. The lecture turned out to be a study in comparative religions as she had briefly been a member of most of them until she found one she could control herself.
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They're referring to employees, who become desensitized to the zinc fumes as the week progresses and are again susceptable to it when the new work week begins after being off for the weekend. I had read about similar problems with other chemicals. I think it's workers who are around nitroglycerine who have headaches on Mondays because they've gotten the nitro out of their systems over the weekend, and when Monday rolls around the nitro gives them a headache again until they build tolerance during the week. Nitroglycerine dilates blood vessels.
Like Ed, I had metal fume fever - once! Early in my metal working hobby I gas welded some galvanized stock in my cellar. The fumes were actually pleasant - sort of a sweet smell. I also recall having a metallic taste in my mouth when I was welding. I don't recall how long I hovered over them, but it was a fair amount of welding since oxyacetylene welding is slow. I was really sick that evening and it wasn't too long after the welding.
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It might be worth digging it up and hauling it off as scrap now, if you get the right people and equipment to do it.
They have the big hydraulic Pincer Cutters you put on the end of an excavator digger arm that can clip the tower scrap up into nice easily transportable chunks for a "Rock Bucket" trailer
And the scrap industry can handle re-melting galvanized steel - the bolts and any guy-wires that are mixed in will add value.
Typical problem - 25 or 50 pounds of scrap steel isn't worth bothering with - costs you more in fuel to get it where they can take it. But get 135 Tons together, and now we can talk...
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In 1985, it was reasonably close [~Erie PA] to major mills but I don't know if Pittsburgh still has same; Cleveland has no steel industry left. Not sure the Port of Erie could handles same but I'd hope so.
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