Removing Aluminum From Anodizing?

I have a color anodized piece that has some marks where a piece of soft
aluminum tubing rubbed against it. I'd like to remove the marks, but
don't want to damage the finish of the anodized part. The anodizing is
pretty heavy. I don't know how porous the anodizing might be, so I'm
leery of trying to etch it off.
Any tricks for this?
Doug White
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Doug White
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An anodize film is quite hard, considerably harder than aluminum. A mild abrasive might be the best course. Pumice (as in toothpaste and Lava soap) Bon-Ami (slightly softer than pumice, rottenstone (AKA tripoli) Soft-Scrub (uses calcium carbonate as abrasive) etc.
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Don Foreman
Anodizing is like an array of fingers. The area that was rubbed is like bending over the fingers and shaving off the sides to make it shinny.
Anodizing is a resultant of etching and adding a colorant in the process. It is a microscopic paint job.
You could make the spot area shinny or cover it over.
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