Removing Timken Tapered Bearing From Spindle

I have a Sheldon WM56P lathe and have to remove the spindle for maintenance. It has 2 Timken tapered bearings and when the spindle is pressed out the rear bearing will be pressed off by the process of removing the spindle. However, this leaves the front bearing still pressed onto the front of the spindle. I of course need to remove the bearing for cleaning and do not want to damage it.

Is there any tricks any one has to remove the bearing without using a press and taking a chance of ruining the bearing by pressing on the inner race? I cannot afford a new set of bearings for this lathe right now.

Also, after the bearings are cleaned should I lightly oil the whole bearing before re-installing it and running it back in? That way the bearing does not start out unlubed?

Thanks, Steve

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Steve In response to the removing the bearing for cleaning, it ain't necessary. If your whole purpose of doing this is just to clean the bearing leave it on the spindle and clean the whole thing. Yes you should oil the bearing well before cleaning it. Also make sure that you have the correct gaskets on the bearing retainers, and that they are installed correctly. Their is a small notch in the bottom inside of the gasket to allow oil to move. Also while you have the spindle out clean out the oil passages and the area around the reservoir. lg no neat sig line

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larry g

Leave the bearing alone unless it's bad or replace it. How much is a new one?

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Tom Gardner

I have heard there are two things you can do to bearings that greatly improve them NOT!!!

1) sand blast them (this one is from RCM). 2) spin them dry with an air hose.
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Charles A. Sherwood

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