Repeatability of Mill Quill DRO (Digital Scale)

I got my Quill DRO installed today and am having a repeatability problem. Sometimes the scale will stop at -.003" instead of zeroing out. The repeatability of the scale is said to be .01mm or .0004 inches. I find that hard to believe and figured .001" at best as this is an import unit. This may me more of a quill problem than the scale. All in all it is a nice unit for $75. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated on the repeatability issue. Thanks, Steve

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If you're suspecting quill problems, rule those out first. Place a dial or test indicator under the quill. Zero it at the stop. Test. It should repeat the zero reading every time. If you still have a +/-.003" variance, figure out why your stop in not repeating.

If the above method repeats, then your problem is with the DRO/reader. Check ALL the fastener are tight.

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Also you might try to keep pressure on the quill, say, with it stopped against the table. Zero it. It should be "repeatable" at the same place with the same amount of pressure on the handle.

Bob Swinney

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Robert Swinney

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