Replacment flat belt for a SouthBend

My good friend just busted the old leather drive belt on his SouthBend (way
beyond repair) ... You crusty old SouthBenders know what I'm talking about.
I don't know the exact model of his machine but the belt is 1.5 x 48 inch.
Any Clues on where to get a (one hopes more modern) replacment?
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Dave August
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McMaster Carr. They sell the belting (also poly-rubber substitutes for leather) and the Alligator brand lacing you need for the large belts.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Note - my belt supplier suggests sticking with leather. Even though that meant they only got a few bucks for re-lacing a stretched leather belt, rather than far more bucks for a new plasticy belt. Opinions clearly vary (based on responses the last time I mentioned this), but how long did the old one last - might not be so bad to stick with "old fashioned" leather.
I found mine by looking under industrial belting or power transmission in the yellow pages. McMaster also has belts.
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Serpentine belt from the autoparts place of choice.
Two downsides. You have to pull the spindle to install, and there is not the forgiveness of leather. The spindle thingis really not a big deal if he is not one to obsess over a relatively easy job, and the latter can be compensated for by adjusting the belt just a little bit loose.
Seen timing belts used as well, with the bumps inwards. Far quieter than I thought they would be.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
You might try a micro-Vee automotive belt if you are up for pulling the spindles. The Logan guys seem to like them.
Gates K100465 is 1-3/8 X 47 Gates K100485 is 1-3/8 X 48-7/8
Either can be had from your local auto parts store, but they may have to pick it up from their warehouse. Should be about $20
- - Rex Burkheimer WM Automotive Fort Worth TX
Lloyd E. Sp>>
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Rex B
I can tell you what NOT to do. Don't use a plastic belt with a wire joint. Not enough give to it. I did this to a 15" SB a long time ago. Every time the joint went over the top pulley it hammered on the spindle. THE SPINDLE LOCKED UP in under a minute. Between that and having once used it to part a 6" round of D2, it was never quite the same...
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Polymer Man
Hudson belt in wochester (sp) MA will make and ship for about $20.00 look it up in yahoo yellow pages. OR pull the spindle and run a car belt (sepentine) and it will be smooth as silk.
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wayne mak
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I made my replacement leather belt years ago, still works fine. No 'tick tick' from a skived and glued joint. I like having a sorta loose belt, it's saved my bacon countless times from train wrecking. Rather than something horrible happening, the belt just slips. Downside is I lose some power transmission.
I've seen lots of guys replace the leather belt with an automotive timing belt turned inside out. These work great but you have to R&R the spindle. Gives you a chance to get in there and clean out the headstock & replace the oil cup wicks anyway.
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Grant Erwin
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wayne mak

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