Results of drill / mill combo and G5774 R-8 END MILL HOLDER SET

I finished drilling the diameter (13 1/2" holes) in the 6x6 1" plate that will become a new compound clamp for my Grizzly G9972Z lathe. Pulled out the 1/2" R-8 end mill holder and installed it. And cursed Sieg for using that funky spanner to hold the quill while tightening the drawbar. The endmill holder pulled up too close to the face of the quill and that spanner would not fit between the holder and the quill.

The interior of the G5774 holder was so close that the mill wouldn't drop out from the suction caused by the light machine oil. Take out the set screw and the mill drops out.

The corncob cutter is leaving a good finish and you can see the lines from the drills spaced out along the circumference. I wish I had a motorized drive on my rotary table.

All this could have been avoided if the lathe wasn't being used AND if the stock was a bit smaller. Inshallah, it will work this way.

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Louis Ohland
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