Rotary phase converter to xmfr?

So I'm probably buying a used Fadal mill. It is currently wired for
480 volts. The shop it is in uses an inverter to convert the incoming
240 single phase to 3 phase which is then sent to a step up xmfr and
then to the mill. The RPC maker is no longer in business so I can't
ask them if the RPC I have can be connected to the xmfr. Can this be
done? I think I can re-configure the mill to run on 240 volts but I'm
not sure. Furthermore, there are already wires in my shop that can
supply power to the Fadal but I think the gauge might be too small for
the amperage draw if the Fadal is wired for 240. Adding wire would be
kind of a pain as I would need to pull wire through about 40 feet of
conduit. I can do it but it's a pain plus I would need to buy 180 feet
of wire because the machine is 3 phase and there is another 15 feet of
wireway the wire needs to go in. The wireway is the kind where you
just remove the covers and lay the wire in. The conduit goes from the
wireway up the wall 18 feet up, across the building, and then down
the wall to the wireway on the opposite wall.
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You should have asked this on news:rec.crafts.metalworking where rotary phase converters are a common topic. I added them to the headers for you.
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Michael A. Terrell
You forgot to check r.c.m.
OP: please look up "crossposting" on Wikipedia. Contrast it with multiposting.
Then, when you post to USENET, please crosspost if your content really, genuinely, should go to more than one news group.
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Tim Wescott
Greetings Tim, I appreciate your advice about crossposting. Thank You. The reason I didn't though is because of all the crossposted crap that's been in rcm lately. I didn't want someone who thought that my question posted in either group was idoitic to inflict the other group with the rude reply too. Cheers, Eric
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