Rustoleum Hammered Finish 1 Quart cans

Sorry this is not strickly a metal working question, but in a search,
I found the most references to this line of Rustoleum was in this
newsgroup so I'm hoping someone might have the answer.
Does anyone know where I can buy the Rustoleum Hammered Finish paint
in the 1 quart cans on-line. Both the Lowes and Home Depots (and the
smaller stores) in my area have stopped selling the cans and only sell
the spray versions.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Use their website
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Use Hammerite. It is better.
Also make sure to get the hammerite thinner to clean up. Mind you the stuff in quart cans is different than the stuff in the aerosol cans. It is xylene based so it cures very slowly, as in weeks. I have used it on railings many times. Works well, but it is very thick stuff.
The good part is that the aerosol cans match the color of the liquid perfectly for touchups.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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