sharpening carbide drills

What type of wheel should I use for sharpening carbide drills? I am drilling holes in small rocks with them (don't ask) and they dull pretty quickly. Also, would the edge last longer if I drilled in water rather than dry, or would that just crack the carbide?

S. Mouse

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60-80 grit silicon carbide of around K hardness. The I hardness ones are always on sale and they work but wear away quicker. If you drill usiing coolant don't interrupt the flow and wet a hot tool. Looking at the carbide never let the drill wear more than half of the triangle formed by the ground edges when viewed from the side. Wear a respirator, carbide dust is not good for you.
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If you are doing something like jewelry you would be better off buying a diamond drill.

Otherwise I have used a masonary drill and a small trickle of water from a garden hose to drill some landscaping rocks. I used a drill extension to keep the electric drill away from the water. Stopping and flushing the hole occasionally helps as the hole gets deeper.

Somebody kept stealing them so they got drilled and a rebar anchor cemented in.

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The holes ???????

Tom in Belle Vernon PA

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