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Complete No Bake Sand Foundry Capable of Casting Aluminum, Magnesium,
Brass & Gray Iron.
All Equipment Like New Condition. Prototype Use Only
All equipment is like new condition. This foundry was set up for
prototype support.
Not pictured are two types of flux for melting magnesium, 50lbs of
Tibor and misc tooling.
These items are located in Brookfield Wisconsin
McEnglevan Industrial Natural Gas Furnace Model B1501 Electronic
Ignition- capable of melting aluminum, brass and Gray Cast Iron 115 -
220 V blower.
Steel melting crucible with pouring apparatus. Two crucibles included
constructed from 1/2" steel.
Bremond Portable Rotary Degassing Unit used to remove hydrogen gas
from molten aluminum.
24" lance 5 extra lances included. Unit is air operated capable of
degassing 40 -3000 Lbs.
Reduced Atmosphere Testing Systems (Rats) Model 401 used to test
aluminum samples for porosity
Special gas mixing unit required for magnesium pouring. Regulators are
for Nitrogen, CO2 and SF6 gas.
Portable Pyrometer W / 43" wand and replacement thermocouples
included. Temperature range -
326 F to 2498F accuracy plus minus 1 degree F/C selectable battery
Miscellaneous thongs, ladles
Pig molds used to pour off molten material and dross pan for slag
Three sets of aluminum coated heat reflective clothing.
Hood, gloves, jacket, pants and shoe protectors.
Sizes X large / large
Palmer M100 high speed direct drive No Bake Sand Mixer W /
new control
Power - 480 V 3 Phase
Ten Gallons each sealed - Pep Set 1000 - Pep Set 2000 & Catalysts
50 Feet of rolling racks two ten foot sections x 24" wide two ten foot
sections 18" wide and two five foot sections 24" wide
Free Standing Overhead Gantry 16' x 20" 3000Lbs capacity, hoist not
Lindberg Box Style Electric Oven 1100C Max temperature.
Internal dimensions are 24" x 18" x 36 Model 52561-AD1-H200 480 V 3
One ton of new foundry sand 100 grit still sealed in plastic bag.
Priced to sell - $40,000 OBO
Contact Information -
Tim Kenney
Phone 262-783-8276 Cell 262-527-7250
Many pictures available
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I just want to see the plastic bag!!!
Regards, Joe Agro, Jr. (800) 871-5022 01.908.542.0244 Automatic / Pneumatic Drills:
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Spindle Drills:
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Joe AutoDrill
Disregard... A search for "super sack" on Google led me to a plastic bag that will indeed hold 2000 lbs. of sand. Holy cow...
The funny thing is I found it via a 900+ lb. bag of kiyy litter... LOL..
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Joe AutoDrill
Only if I have my .338 winmag and barnes solids.
Is kitty red or white meat?
Wes -- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller
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Bobcat supposedly tastes like...chicken. I would assume that domestic cat is similar, although eating pelletized food or ground mammal lips and esophagus, or whatever goes into that stuff, may produce a result that's like farmed talapia versus wild trout (wild trout is exquisite; talapia tastes like mud).
Ask at your local Chinese takeout. They'll know.
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
Sometime I will tell you about the time I foolishly sat on a mesa-like plateau in the White Mountain Apache Reservation, watching eagles and listening to coyotes, until it was too dark to climb down the side and had to walk down a dry creek bed bordered by cottonwoods, with no flashlight, and some distant growling sounds...
(Yes, I had a .32 Mag revolver loaded with Silvertips, but that feels as useful as a pair of nail clippers under the circumstances.)
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
Believe it or not, they use Airedales as lead dogs when hunting cougars. They lead a pack of hounds. These are not your housepet Airedales, but the ones bred for hunting are absolutely fearless.
-- Ed Huntress
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Ed Huntress
Airedales may be fearless but they is smart. Lots of the pig hunters in Calif use Pit Bulls for the dog pack. And Airedale is the leader. HE will find and harass the pig and then go sit down while the pit bulls attack and get tore up.
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Calif Bill
I was sitting outside our camper last summer on our land in the north central Arkansas Ozarks , listening to the coyotes mutter and yip , almost like they were talking . Decided it sounded like they were too close for comfort ... next morning I found tracks less than 50 feet from where I was sitting .
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"Calif Bill" wrote in news:ZqqdnXIR7ss9Ct_XnZ2dnUVZ
I grew up with several airedales. My dad was proud of the fact that they were used to hunt grizzlys and were supposedly the only dog brave enough to close with one. I never viewed this as sign of intelligence, and the ones we had were certainly not the brightest dogs I ever dealt with.
Doug White
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Doug White
On Wed, 24 Jun 2009 15:16:35 -0500, the infamous Ignoramus28618 scrawled the following:
I'd bet either of my kitties against your doggy any day.
Benjy is my best bet
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pounds and 13 feet long.
or little (500 lb) Sibby my second choice
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-- Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass; it's about learning how to dance in the rain. --Anon
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Larry Jaques
On Thu, 25 Jun 2009 11:47:36 +0800, the infamous "Dennis" scrawled the following:
At 660 pounds, he's still considerably larger than that little 300 pound mutt. So there!
I'm so certain that I'll even give odds.
-- Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass; it's about learning how to dance in the rain. --Anon
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Larry Jaques
Rick Lynch fired this volley in news:f021e$57030439$43de0cc0$
You're kidding, right? You don't think in seven years they might have either sold or disposed of it?
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

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