Small welding blanket

I would like to buy a small welding blanket (maybe 5x5 or so).
The purpose of it would be shielding flammable stuff from welding
I am a little dazzled by various choices, for example on McMaster page
1788. All I want is a blanket that is easy to use and that would
fireproof my stuff.
So, can anyone comment on fiberglass vs Nomex vs neoprene coated
fiberglass, etc
thanks a lot
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I have a fiberglass one, works well and is flexible but it does shed a little bit.
Oh, wait, that's right, you assume all people posting from google groups are not worth hearing from.
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The foot-square black ones for plumbing work well.
I made non-combustible welding curtains using the old theatre fireproofing solution of alum & borax but for safety & liability reasons you will have to look up the details of that and the flammability test for them yourselves.
Spatter chars little spots on them the way it does on a cotton welding jacket. I dyed them an inconspicuous mottled green and hang them at a distance to block the view, and use the black plumbers' one up close.
You can also use tin can steel held on by corner magnets. Some of the magnetic field leaks through.
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Jim Wilkins
OK, try our friends at Harbor Freight:
formatting link

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Great minds think alike, that's exactly what I ended up getting...
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And if you need to cover larger areas with improvised shielding, get some 100% wool blankets and a garden sprayer or spray bottle to dampen them a bit for insurance.
They charge a lot extra to mark and package them as "Fire Blankets", but that's what they are.
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Bruce L. Bergman
On Fri, 29 Aug 2008 23:56:26 -0400, with neither quill nor qualm, "Flash" quickly quoth:
I'm allergic to whatever nastyass, reeking, fireproofing chemicals they put on those flax blankets. I opened up one of the bags and immediately couldn't breathe, dropped it, and ran to the bathroom to wash off anything which might have gotten on my hands.
Caveat Emptor!
-- Smokey the Bear's rules for fire safety should apply to government: Keep it small, keep it in a confined area, and keep an eye on it. --John Stossel in _Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity_
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Larry Jaques
I got a couple of those from harbor freight.
They are okay and good tarps too...
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