Square profile threads

I have a job where I need square profile threads on a large nut or
inside of a pipe would do. The threads are genuine square and not ASME
or Butress.
The max. diameter of the bolt (which I am in possession of) is 26.7mm
The min. diameter of th bolt is 24.3mm.
The thickness of each 'raised' thread is 0.8mm.
The space between each 'raised' thread (ie. the hollow) is 1.1mm.
Thread is single start.
There is 1 thread per 2mm *(measured over about 8 threads)
I admit this is not exactly equal to the 'raised' and hollow (1.1 +
0.8) as
given above. I am measuring with manual vernier calipers.
Can anyone here tell me where I might purchase such a nut or
will it it have to be manufactured specially?
My lathe does not have screw cutting ability.
Is there any other way to manufacture the threads. I was thinking of
using fiberglass resin
as a last resort. Large strength is not needed.
Thanks for any input.
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If you are willing to think about resins, how about considering some of the low melting point alloys, like Cerrobend and other alloys made by the Cerro Products Company?
If you coated the screw with a layer of soot, you'd probably be able to cast a nut right onto it.
Google up Cerrobend or Wood's Metal and read about some of the things hobbyists have done with it. You can sometimes find it on eBay, like this 1-1/2 lb chunk being auctioned now:
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Jeff Wisnia
Jack, Some have made nuts out of JB Weld. It's cheap and easy to find, so it might be worth a shot, especially if you don't need lots of strength. Just make sure you get a good coating of oil on the bolt, or you will never get the JBW off....
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Dan Cassaro
Another, purpose made, epoxy, is Moglis (sp?). This stuff is used to renew threads in machine tool feed nuts.
Its use was described in detail in HOME SHOP MACHINIST several years ago.
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Set up some forms and cast one by pouring babbit.
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