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I am the author of the Cone Layout program (see pulserate.com) which can calculate the layout or flat pattern projection of a cone with tilted ends. I am currently working on a new version that can also generate square-to-round "cones". I have succesfully updated the finite element model (FEM) that is used by the program to generate the layout:

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However, but noticed that the resulting layout is difficult to bend/roll. Is it generally necessary to make incisions at the corners of the squared end of the cone in order for the square-to-round cone layout to bend properly, or did I just make a mistake in my model?

All suggestions are highly appreciated!

Regards, Joris

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Joris van der Sande
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I have formed up numerous transitions and yes in the case of heavier materials the corner has to be snipped. On a press brake you cannot create the same angular bend at the tip. The pointy end gets lost between the sides of the bottom die. It is not your layout. When I have formed up transitions using a pan brake I often can get a grip of the point and manage to get the crease to run to that point. I have tricked heavy plate over 3/8 inch by formeing the point separately using a narrow bottom die. Randy

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Randy Zimmerman


I have to agree with Randy, the corners of a square to round are rarely square after the first round of breaking them. I use a powered (200 ton) break at work and it is pretty much inevitable that I will have to "hammerize" the corners, even on sq-rds that are cut with the seams on the corners. That's what the BFH in my toolbox is for 8^)

Regards, Jim

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Jim C Roberts

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